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Chapter Review

COMING SOON! Chapter Review will provide chapter-by-chapter breakdowns of popular manga titles.

What is Manga Minute?

Manga Minute is a fan-made blog for all things manga. Here, you'll find articles, opinions, and chapter breakdowns of popular manga series including Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and more.


Which series does Manga Minute cover?

Manga Minute primarily covers popular shonen manga titles including Naruto, One Piece, Bleach, and Dragon Ball. We also provide articles, opinions, and breakdowns of other series including Dr. Stone, Yu-Gi-Oh, Prince of Tennis, My Hero Academia, and more.

How often is Manga Minute updated?

The Manga Minute team strives to bring you fresh, updated content on a weekly basis about your favorite titles and characters. Chapter Review (coming soon) will provide regular updates on titles and series as they are updated.

Is Manga Minute associated with any organization?

No. Manga Minute is an independent, fan-made blog. Manga Minute is not associated with any organization or entity, nor does it claim ownership of any mentioned titles, characters, etc. All properties are owned by their respective authors, artists, and publishing companies. At Manga Minute, we support the official release.

Manga Basics

Fairly new to manga? Want to know more but not sure where to turn? We have you covered! In our guide to manga basics, we cover important information such as: